The LOVELY Trina Hall. Dallas Photographer. Dallas Yoga Photographer.

The other day I found myself in a real funk. I was craving inspiration and creativity. I set out with my camera on a safari of sorts to see what I could find. The first stop was  my friend Trina’s  “Silver Sneakers” yoga class. These Senior Citizens were so amazingly enthusiastic and in the moment, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh along with them all. Trina’s love for what she does exudes out of every part of her being. She is so authentic and connected, and had everyone right with her laughing and working hard to connect with their bodies. The next stop was another class of hers where I got to really see her practice in action. Again, the joy was palpable, and the inspiration she gives is unparalleled. I ended up spending the rest of the day with her exploring Deep Ellum and hanging out. There are two portraits at the end of the slide show that to me really capture the essence of Trina. If you haven’t already experienced one of her amazing yoga classes or privates, do yourself a favor and look on her website ( for her schedule and get into a class or book a private! You’ll never be the same, I promise! I love you Trina…thanks for so much inspiration on a day when I really needed it!

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6 Responses to The LOVELY Trina Hall. Dallas Photographer. Dallas Yoga Photographer.

  1. jesse says:

    This is beautiful, Margie. Your photos captured her essence and makes you feel you are right there with her. I love how connected to your art you are, it definitely shows in your finished product! 🙂

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  3. yoga austin says:

    Its all the pictures are beautiful.It’s such a good job.Keep it up…

  4. Million says:

    Nice and sweet pics….Cool……

  5. dallas yoga says:

    All these things will help you to find the right yoga class in dallas

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